The Doctorate offers an innovative and up-to-date integrated programme that empowers candidates to carry out cutting-edge research in different subjects such as bioethics, law and computer science for topics that require a genuine interdisciplinary approach. It includes a period of internship in the third year, where the candidate can apply his/her studies and complement his/her research with a professional experience. Upon completion of the programme, graduates will become highly skilled researchers and professionals, matching the requirements of public and private sectors.

They could be employed, e.g., in:

  • law firms working on IPR, privacy, e-commerce, and patenting
  • high tech software houses where Artificial Intelligence is applied
  • specialised research centres such as medical genetic centres, nanotechnology centres and robotic laboratories
  • government offices which manage innovative ICT and eGovernment, eJustice and eParliament projects
  • ethic committees which analyse scientific innovations and produce policy documents

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