The programme is at the intersection between research and teaching, and begins with a common path for all the doctorate candidates. The three year LAST-JD Programme is divided in different stage following the doctorate student in their chosen research path.

The first year is in fact dedicated to providing methodological instruments for undertaking the research work, to harmonise the education backgrounds of the doctoral candidates from different disciplines. Finally the first year will provide candidates with an overview of the main topics so that candidates can make informed choices on their thesis topic. We believe that a genuine interdisciplinary culture is possible only if the different candidates can work together; therefore we maintain for the first 12 months the entire group joint in to follow the same courses. The first year is organised as follows:

– In the first semester (first term), doctorate students will stay at the University of Bologna, where the will follow a methodological course on the doctorate instruments for research in order to provide the necessary instruments for undertaking autonomous and robust research and writing papers to international standards, and where they will receive an overview of the main topics and specific courses for each type of background degree in order to address gaps in knowledge.
-The second term (second term), in the University of Torino, will provide introductory courses on the main topics in order to set up the necessary background and inform the orientation of the thesis.

In the second year students continue in different structured tracks (in Barcelona, Luxemburg, Vilnius, Hannover or Tilburg) on the basis of their chosen research theme. The candidate must research their thesis topic in deep spend the first term to enter in the specific field of the research, and the other term to specific advanced courses.

In the third year internships are offered, by one of the several partners that are part of the LAST-JD Programme and the candidate chooses the best destination for this internship period relevant to the thesis domain. Research and internship have, in fact, to be oriented towards the thesis. In this period the candidate must get at least two research articles on the thesis field published in journals, papers or proceedings.

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