International Legal Framework of Biomedicine and Biotechnology

International Legal Framework of Biomedicine and Biotechnology

(4 ECTS)

Prof. J. Juškevičius

Understanding and analysis of international legal framework for biomedical sciences and biotechnology. Full scope and difference of regulations for biomedical and biotechnological field: international deontological norms, international technical standards, international law (customary law, soft law, multilateral treaties). The course covers biomedicine and biotechnology aspects of international human rights law, international trade law, international environmental law; emerging conceptual pillars for general regime (human dignity, common concern of humanity, equitable benefit-sharing, precautionary principle, mutual supportiveness of health, environment and trade regimes); special issues (genetic privacy, patentability of biotechnological inventions,  biogenetic resources ownership, food safety and security, development of medicines and medical devices, access to essential and orphan medicines).

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