(4 ECTS)

Coordinator – Prof. Giovanni Sartor

1. Prof. Alberto Musso – Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the Information Society: Software, databases, multimedia, open-source software and open standards, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and technological protection measures, protection of users’ rights, Internet and new media (electronic publishing, linking, framing, P2P), domain names.

2. Dr. Michele Martoni – Electronic signatures and documents: Use of cryptography-based electronic signatures for identification and confidentiality purposes, the legal and evidentiary force of electronic documents, electronic and optical archiving, electronic invoicing.

3. Dr. Claudio Di Cocco – Electronic commerce: Provision of information-society services, validity of online contracts, consumer protection, e-contract integrity and authenticity, contracts made by software agents, electronic procurement, providers’ liability.

4. Dr. Juri Monducci – Privacy and data protection: Processing of personal data and protection of the privacy rights of natural and legal persons, data processing made through electronic means, security aspects and technological measures. Privacy Enhancing Technologies.


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