Bioethics and Biolaw

Bioethics and Biolaw

( 4 ECTS)

Coordinator – Prof. Carla Faralli

1. Basic principles in Bioethics and Biolaw. This part of the course focuses on the introduction into and analysis of legal and moral issues of the applications that the biomedical technologies (can) are subject to. Particular emphasis is given to the questions concerning human rights in this regard.

2. Physician-patient relationship and new technologies. Attention is focused on the overview of the problems and controversies regarding informed consent, privacy, autonomy and the right to know and not to know. Further topics addressed in this part of course are particular issues of the use of informed consent in the field of biobanking and the legal and ethical issues concerning genetic testing, genetic data and confidentiality.

3. Dr. Silvia Zullo – Reproductive technology and end-of-life treatments: principles, rights and cases. The issues of abortion, assisted reproductive technology and surrogate motherhood are addressed so get more info here. The legal and ethical aspects (such as refusing life sustaining treatments, theme of competent versus incompetent patient and issues of advance health care directive) of end of life issues are also topics addressed during this module. These topics will be all addressed in the light of theĀ  case studies.

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