AI&LAW (Basic)


Basic course

( 4 ECTS)

Coordinator – Prof. Antonino Rotolo

1. Legal Knowledge modelling. The logic formalisation of the norms is a traditional topic of the AI&Law community for modelling norms with logician theory in order to apply legal reasoning tools. Argumentation, defeasible logic, deontic logic are only some topics to foster in this domain.

2. Dr. Giuseppe Contissa – Legal Knowledge representation. To represent the logic formalization of the norms using logic programming languages and tools is the goal of this part of the course. Some PROLOG foundational are provided.

3. Legal Knowledge reasoning. The main important constructs of the legal reasoning are presented.

4. Expert systems. Technical and legal issues in the development and use of legal rulebased systems to support the activities of legal professionals, judges, and decisionmakers.


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