NOTE: double submission is not allowed. In case of multiple submission we will take in consideration only the last submitted in order of time, even if incomplete.

DEADLINE: January, 21st, 2014 23:59pm CET.

Call for Application 2014/2015

The call for application contains the rules to apply at the LAST-JD program. Read it carefully before starting your application.

Application Form

The application form have to be fill in carefully and with correct and precise data. In the application form are clearly indicated the documents that you need to produce and attach as ANNEX in the zip folder.

→ Template for the draft research project

→ Self certify declaration

→ checklist and useful information

In the section praticalities was published a handbook for applicants with useful information regarding the selection procedure.


LAST-JD invites all the candidates to follow the admission procedure via website (  and to check his/her email for any official communications. Once the results will be published online and the candidate will receive an official communication about the outcome of his/her application, he/she will have 24 hours to appeal to the Selection Committee sending it via email to specifying in the email’s subject “Requesting an appeal relating to the admission’s procedure”.

Once received the request of appeal, the LAST-JD Selection Committee, on behalf of the LAST-JD Consortium, will send the outcome of the appeal and the reasons for rejecting/accepting it within 5 working days.